Wonder Chuck


We launched in 2014, under the brand CoCo Candy Company Ltd., with a goal to make it easy for everyone to create gourmet meals at home with restaurant-quality flavours!

Now, we have perfected our range of chef-inspired, high-quality finishing sauces, received our customer’s seal of approval on all our recipes and flavours and rebranded under ‘Wonder Chuck’.

Why Wonder Chuck? Our sauces are high-class, made from our exclusive recipes and have the sophisticated taste of fine-dining – so we thought it only fitting.  

Our Humble Beginnings

Our Wonder Chuck Gourmet sauces are a registered trademark of premium quality seasonings, powerful and bold flavours created from speciality unique blends of herbs and spices. Proudly Canadian, each of our Wonder Chuck Gourmet sauces are one-of-a-kind, handcrafted in small batches in our Vaughan location. After a hard day’s work, the Wonder Chuck Gourmet trio of sauces brings magic to any dish within minutes. Wonder Chuck Gourmet Jerk sauce brings the traditional blend of island spices right onto your dinner plate. Wonder Chuck Gourmet Curry sauce is an authentic mix of aromatic spices, adding a beautiful rich curry flavour to any meal. Wonder Chuck Gourmet Meat sauce, made from the freshest ingredients can easily enhance any vegetables, meats or plant proteins. Each of these gourmet sauces brings a unique flavour experience, adaptable and versatile to all your kitchen meal creations. We can’t wait for you to add Wonder Chuck Gourmet sauces to your meals, and to tag us with your unique kitchen creations. Just sauce it, cook it, enjoy! 

– The Wonder Chuck Team 

“Wonder Chuck (Jerk) is an amazing tasting sauce that I love to put on my chicken and other foods! I can’t thank you enough Coco Candy for distributing my most favourite product on the market! I think everybody should give this sauce a try, once they do, they will never go back!!”

– Dwayne J.


Introducing our Gourmet  sauces. Wonder Chuck Gourmet sauce recipes come from traditional classic flavours, made in small batches from scratch. Our traditional premium Gourmet sauces can be used in all your kitchen creations. No matter how you want to sauce it or cook it we have the sauce for you!

The combinations are endless! No matter which sauces you use, the flavours will dance through your dishes, please the palate and fuel the soul. All our sauces have a signature blend of seasonings, as we are committed to using the finest flavours of ingredients.

You don’t need to take a trip to the islands as our sauces can stew, jerk and curry any recipe. Options go well beyond meat, with fish, tofu, pork, lobster, root vegetables and rice. Wonder Chuck sauces are as tasty as they are quick to use. Our collection of easy and simple sauces will guide you in the kitchen, impress your guests or family and enhance any meal.  

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Proudly Canadian

From the islands, to your kitchen. Crafted in Canada with love!


Cook fresh and delicious Caribbean Indian inspired meals quickly.


Made from scratch in small batches locally in Toronto.